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This is the KLUSO band and fan page on Facebook.

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If you would like to get on my mailing list for shows and updates please go to my ReverbNation link above and click on BECOME A FAN. thanks. kluso

Kluso Music on MySpace

KLUSO enters the 21st Century!!!??!! Yes, you can finally find, listen and correspond with me on www.myspace.com/klusomusic -- Please check it out and let me know what you think.
peace. kluso


Many people often wonder where my ideas for songs come from and occasionally wonder about the stories and concepts presented within the songs. To clear up any questions or doubts, you are invited to visit this website for SOKA GAKKAI INTERNATIONAL (SGI). This is my life practice and the source of my motivation, inspiration, and hope.
CAUTION - viewing this website could irreversibly change YOUR life (in a positive way, of course)
peace. kluso


Hirokophone is a great singer-songwriter/artist who lives and performs mostly in the Fussa/Tokyo area. Hiroko and I have known each other for a little over 3 years now. Whether sharing the stage with Hirokophone or watching from the audience I always enjoy her performances. Hiroko often joins me and other acoustic artists for BotE Productions Acoustic Live on Yokota. Please check the event schedule for the next show.

David Ralston

My friend and Bluesman extraordinaire, Dave Ralston's website -- I met Dave in Okinawa back in 1999 and he blew me away with his live blues performance -- my inspiration to get back into the live music scene. Dave has been very successful in promoting his love of blues music and his original tunes. He is very active in Okinawa and also mainland Japan and U.S. tours. Check out his website and his next show -- you will surely enjoy it.

Kamichika Band - Mari

Mari/Kamichika band is an outstanding local talent specializing in Mari's original Pop/Blues/Jazz style -- They are a new member to the BotE members and their first show is May 25th and Yokota Enlisted Club -- Come and check them out, and also check Kamichika's website for some samples of their songs.

Bill Anders Photo Art

Bill Anders is a fantastic photographer/artist whose work includes many shots from his stay here in Japan -- Bill's work can be viewed and purchased from his Deviant Art weblink -- click on the Galleries or Website hot buttons to review some more of his work --
Also, several of his BotE Artists shots can be viewed on the Kluso webpage photo link (chech them out) -- You will probably also see his art as part of the upcoming Kluso CD layout -- THANK YOU BILL!!


The Tokyo version of GREEN DAY - Yazz, Koji, and Billy really know how to PUSH...IT...UP -- These hard rock/punkers have quite a following from Tokyo to Osaka and Hiroshima -- Come check them out and you will see why - BLOW YOUR FACE OFF BABY!!!

Chicken Shack - Fussa Tokyo

The best kept secret in Tokyo Live music scene -- remeniscent of the Cavern Club in Berlin, the Chicken Shack has been hosting some of the best bands in the Kanto Plain for almost 30 years - Check out the schedule and come see your favorite bands -- Owners Kumi-chan and Nozomu


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