Still Here
Hey everybody ... its been so long since I have posted here, I just want to let you know I am still alive and well, and still playing music in Okinawa, Japan.

Have some new songs coming along and maybe, someday soon, will get back into a studio mode. Until then you can find all of my music on iTunes, Amazon, and all major streaming services.

You check me out on Facebook and also on reverbnation.com

Until I see you again ... thank you for the continued support. Good fortune and peace!
New Release!! Young Hard Red Spot
Hi everybody. Sorry its been so long since the last update, but some GOOD NEWS!

the new KLUSO release, Young Hard Red Spot is now available for sale, download, and streaming on iTunes, Amazon, and all major music sites.

This release is more pop-rock oriented but still covers familiar territory and styles that have made KLUSO a unique Americana artist. Covering a lifetime of experience and songs written over the last 7 - 8 years, the compilation can be appreciated most if listened to from beginning to end.

I hope you enjoy, and please tell your friends. good fortune and peace. kluso
Kluso in 2013
Howdy everyone. Its been a while for an update...so here we go.
Band members come and go and I lost/gained a few. Chong Reyes, my long time bass player headed back to California with his family and I miss them all. Also, previous drummer Mike Robles and Rob Milligan both also returned to the States and I will miss their friendship and rock solid beats.

BUT the good news is some great local musicians (Yo Yasuda-bass, Miyuki Tanaka-keyboards, and Daisuke Kawahara-drums) are now with me, and for a while an awesome guitarist, ToshiHito Tsushima.

ALSO, the long awaited KLUSO release, Young Hard Red Spot, is just about ready to go and it should be hitting iTunes and other online outlets soon with an expected CD release in October this year.

Please stay tuned and thank you all for your support. good fortune and peace. kluso
Welcome 2012
Just wanted to give a New Year update on Kluso happenings.
Well, another year has gone by and its been both productive and challenging. I no longer have a steady backline of Double Shot band members but I am fortunate to have the continued help of Chong Reyes (bass), Mike Robles (drums), and Toshi Tsushima (guitar) to help me out on occasion, so thanks guys!
In the meantime the Kluso Akoustic set list has been getting a good workout AND I am working on the next Kluso CD production which will hopefully release in the Summer of 2012. This will be a full on rockin' version of some new songs, so I am looking forward to it.
To all my Fans and Friends, good fortune and peace in 2012. Hope to see you soon.
CD Release - Determination / Kluso aKoustic
I am proud to announce the release of my latest (and rather late) CD, DETERMINATION / Kluso aKoustic.
It has been a while coming but I think you will like this collection. The songs are either fully acoustic or originated as acoustic songs and were written over a period of 6 or 7 years.
Most of these songs I have never or rarely played live so this should be a first time experience for most. I did re-release new mixes of 2 songs from Delicate Eye - Since You Been Gone - and, Paradise Road - so I hope you will enjoy these new versions.
As a bonus to my fans I included my cover of the Oasis classic Wonderwall.

All lyrics, music and production by Kluso, except for piano on Sakura Moon which was composed and provided by friend and fellow songwriter Vincent Constantino. Thank you Vinnie.
Additional thanks to Bill Anders who once again provided the beautiful cover art for this CD. You can find DETERMINATION on iTunes, Amazon, and all major mp3 outlets. Enjoy! and peace. kluso
SECRET WAR on Neil Young's LWW web page
I am VERY PROUD to announce that my video and song FALLOW FIELDS (the Face of War) and my song SECRET WAR are featured on Neil Young's Living With War web page. This great web site features many artists and their songs dealing with war...may it be a protest song or some other song dealing with the issues of war...
The FALLOW FIELDS video has been hanging around #20 (out of 650 videos) for the last year or so. In the song list both SECRET WAR and FALLOW FIELDS have been sitting around #100 (of over 3000 songs)
FALLOW FIELDS and SECRET WAR are not so much a "protest" songs as they are songs about the true nature, impact and reality of war (which kind of speaks for itself without preaching, I hope).
You can visit Neil Young's Living with War site at http://www.neilyoung.com/lwwtoday/index.html or go to my Links page.

- please click on the links to watch or listen and help FALLOW FIELDS and SECRET WAR to continue to move up the chart - you can also find both songs and the video here on my web page -- and SECRET WAR is the next to last song on my CD, DELICATE EYE

THANK YOU to Miho of the MEGA BABES for telling me about Neil's web site.
New Live Music Venues
I wanted to let you all know about some of the newer clubs KLUSO & Double Shot have been playing lately.
-- Beach Bar Coconut Moon, in beautiful Onna Village on the central west coast. Its is a NO KIDDING BEACH BAR with waves gently lapping at the back steps and the rustic feel of a classic beach bar. We play there once or twice a month, and they have live music almost every Friday and Saturday. Low, low, cover charge plus a 2000 yen all-you-can-drink special if you choose to PUSH IT UP!
-- Back in Time Bar, in Ishikawa. Another great venue that is built for live music. A big cozy room, stage, lighting, sound.. they got it all plus a very friendly staff and great food and drink. A fantastic spot for a night on the town to listen to great local music. We perform special shows there once every 3 months or so, so please watch the schedule or look for invites from Facebook.
-- Eager Beaver Pub, Naha/Kokusai Street area. We had our first show there last November and we are looking forward to our next chance to play there. A great PUB, and a really FUN place to see KLUSO & Double Shot play.

I added the links to all of these venues on my links page .. plz take an opportunity to see us play or support these venues who make such a great effort to support live music.
Kluso on Reverb Nation
Hey all.. I'm a little slow but not stupid.. I "discovered" this great new artists and music networking site (which I guess is not so new) called Reverb Nation (RN) -
it is set up specifically to support artists/bands, venues, producers, promoters, and most important FANS. It connects to ALL my other social networking sites so I can update everything from RN. It manages fan lists, events, stores, stats, so much...
I highly recommend it to other artists and for my Fans I would recommend you go to www.reverbnation.com/kluso (or go to my Links page - and sign up for the Fan List to get the most recent updates and event information direct to you. that's all for now. peace. kluso
New Band... New Songs... New Videos
... another update for you all.. after months and years I have finally found some new band members to help me bring you "Kluso" the way it should be heard.. Now it is KLUSO and DOUBLE SHOT, my new band with Chong Reyes on bass, and Rob Milligan on drums. In the future it may become "Triple Shot" if I am able to add another member, but for now we're doing good as a 3-piece.
I have also added several new songs to the site plus a couple of new videos.. I hope you enjoy them.
If you would like to see ALL of my new videos go to my YouTube channel at KLUSOT - or to my MySpace at www.myspace.com/klusomusic - you can also find me on Facebook, just search KLUSO
OR, even better, check the schedule and come out to one of our upcoming shows.. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Take care, and Peace. kluso
2010 Update
Hi everybody ... another lag in the news front but some good things to tell. Fortunate to find a great bass player - Chong Reyes - who has teamed up with me and Mike Robles to form the Kluso (trio). Still acoustic oriented but looking for lead guitar and/or keyboards to fill it out -
have a couple of new projects I am working on --
FIRST - I just licensed and released a cover of WONDERWALL (the Oasis classic) but this one has a special Kluso style to it - I think you will really like it -- Its available on ITunes-US and Amazon.com - just search KLUSO
Planning on a Kluso Akoustic release - mini-LP, maybe 6 or so songs - will let you know more when its ready.
For you Okinawa fans ... lots of great shows coming up as we move toward to summer festival season - please check the schedule for the latest.
Hope all is well -- SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC and ARTISTS!
good fortune and peace.
Sooorry.. its been sooo looongg!
Whooo .. the time just flies by... and I didn't realize its been so long since I updated the news.. (been spending too much time on MySpace)
well... I have still been really busy with live music but taking a little break this summer .. also I finally found a really great drummer (who've I've actually known for a long time.. Mike Robles). Mike has helped me out with several shows recently and I look forward to working with him more (and hoping for a bass and guitar player to come along)
NEW SONGS since last news include: Memories, A Little Lovin', Turn Me Off, Early Winter Daze,,,, AND JUST RELEASED Mr. JACK - these are all a bit different and I hope you will like them all .. got another one coming soon.

Hope to see you all at one of my LIVE shows soon... or if you're not here in Okinawa just listen to a few songs and drop me a line. peace.
KLUSO Update
Hey everybody... just taking a little time to give you updates on what's going on --
Been staying busy with lots more live play and helping out AL and Yasuko (of Al's Place) manage their weekly lineup of acoustic shows which include myself, Doug Esterline and Roger Shelton, Rob Emerson and Hisashi, and now Carlos Saldana. These are great artists and the shows are NO COVER, so you can't miss .. please stop by.
Also I've been writing the music news for the Oki Stripes weekly .. this is a great opportunity for me to let everybody know what's going on around the Okinawa Live scene and to highlight some of these great artists here ..
Working on a couple of new songs too.. they should be up and posted in a few weeks --
LASTLY -- I would REALLY like to get a band together for live play and recording my next CD -- so if you are interested or know anobody who is please contact me through this website or my MySpace ( www.myspace.com/klusomusic )
that's it for now ... take care and peace.
Hey folks ... just wanted to let you know I just recently posted 2 new songs on this website and my MySpace site - klusomusic
First song is called THIS WORLD (of Anger) .. kind of deep but it rocks too
the other song is a little more light-hearted and "Pop"-y = its called HARD TO BE HERE -
Two totally different songs but hope you like them both -
Well... its been a busy summer so far and looks like it will get even busier .. the curfew is still affecting certain parts of the music scene but the club and bar owners are surviving by cutting back on full bands and doing more acoustic oriented stuff ... good news for me and my BotE friends but also hope things can get back to normal soon so we can enjoy all kinds of music ..
Have a great summer ... hope to see you or talk to you soon
take care
peace. kluso
Well, its been a while so just wanted to give you all an update on what's been going on in the Kluso shed ...
Recently posted a new song ... its called SINGER... I kinda like it .. hope you do too
Been playing steady and getting a few more gigs in with my BotE partner, Doug Esterline. Really enjoying those gigs, so hope you been able to get out to see one.
I want to thank you Shiho/SIDEWAYs Cafe, Martin/PADDY MAC's Irish Pub, and Kurt/Navy MWR for keeping me employed enough to keep me from going buggie! Getting ready for the summer now so hope to see all soon.
peace. kluso
NEW SONG RELEASE - (Fallow Fields) the Face of War
I am proud to announce a new KLUSO / BotE Productions release -- it is called (FALLOW FIELDS) the FACE of WAR --
The description of the song is in the song listings but hopefully this simple tune speaks for itself ...
Please take a listen ... currently this song in only for sale via this website and BROADJAM ...
I would like to wish a Happy New Year for 2008 to all my friends and my partners in BotE Productions ... 2007 was a great year and I would like to thank some of the people and places that helped make it that way ... First my BotE Partners, Doug Esterline, Barbara Read, and Hugh Dang --- also, Al & Yasuko at AL's PLACE, Martin & Yoko at PADDY MAC's, Jun-san at BAYSIDE and COFFEE KUKAN, Shiho & Toyota-san at SIDEWAYS, Kurt Iseda with NAVY MWR (CROW's NEST and WHITE BEACH) ...
I appreciate you sticking with us the entire year ...
We hope to see you more with bigger and better things for KLUSO and BOTE PRODUCTIONS ... Good Fortune and Peace. kluso
Hi everybody - its been a while for some news but I would like to officially announce the placement of my latest song SAKURA MOON onto my homepage - actually the song has been there for a while, but this is and should be the final updated version - Included in this announcement I would like to add my thanks and appreciation to my friend Vince Constantino for his contribution to Sakura Moon - his piano and bass arrangements have elevated this song to where I had originally envisioned I wanted to go -- I could not have done it on my own and without Vince's gracious contribution (more to come also in another Kluso tune). Hope you enjoy SAKURA MOON -
Also - I am still busy playing live shows in Okinawa - so if you come see me and like this song, please request it for a live version.
take care and peace. kluso
BOTE Loses a Good Friend and Partner
Well some notso good news -- our BotE Live parters and good friends at BAY SIDE CLUB will be closing up shop this month -- we will really miss Jun and all the Bay Side staff and our friends and customers...and we really appreciate the support Bay Side provided to BotE Acoustic Live ...
The good news is we will still be playing other venues in Chatan and nearby Kadena, AND we still have 2 shows remaining at the Bay Side - Saturday May 12th with FULL CIRCLE, and Sat May 19 (the FINAL SHOW) with Barbara Read and Friends -- we hope you can make it out and say THANK YOU and GOODBYE to Jun and The BAY SIDE CLUB.
Yes, you CAN teach and old d'...well I'm not going to say it except I not only have ONE but TWO MySpace sites -- www.myspace.com/klusomusic is linked on the LINKS page -- this is my "artist" site (well, la -dee-dah)
If you have my email you can also request access to my personal friends site at www.myspace.com/kluso -- Hope to hear from you soon.
peace. kluso
This is to let you know that Kluso and BotE Productions have signed on with OPEN RANGE RECORDS in Canfield, Ohio. You can purchase the KLUSO - DELICATE EYE CD at their website.
-- OPEN RANGE is a startup INDIE label specializing in American Roots Rock -- they are also interested in International artists, so that is where we come in. This ground level effort is being promoted by Will Kesling (former Okinawa music scene bassist) and Johnny Stanec. Their own band - First IN Space - is a phenomenal group. Go straight to the links page to check out the OPEN RANGE RECORDS home page and MySpace and check out their tunes (and buy a KLUSO CD while you're at it)
New Song Release - THE RIVER (How Do You Want Me)
Been really busy with live shows but managed to squeeze out another song recently -- please visit the SONGS page to have a listen to my new release - THE RIVER (How Do You Want Me) -- the info button will provide more background on the song -- maybe this is a little "different" than what you've heard before - it actually has a Happy Ending. Hope you like it.
peace. kluso
BotE Productions & Acoustic Live
Well... after a slight layoff from the move to Okinawa, I have finally connected with some great musicians/artists, and we are in the process of reivigorating the BotE / Acoustic Live Coop.
Two new artists and several venues are joining us in our continuing efforts to bring LIVE MUSIC to MORE PEOPLE and in the process promote an environment to "create a better world through music" ....
DOUG ESTERLINE and BARBARA READ are the two local Okinawa artists who are working with me at The BAY SIDE CLUB, Cafe Terrace NIRAI, and SIDEWAYS Sports & Music Bar -- we are working together with these businesses to bring fresh live music to more customers at a reasonable price, while the venues also contribute in appreciation to their customers and the artists. In this manner we ALL grow together in a positive way.
Please check my events page and visit our new website - www.botelive.com - on the links page for more information.
peace. kluso
******CD'S ARE IN ******
GREAT NEWS -- The DELICATE EYE CD shipment has finally arrived!!!! Now, the next question you are asking is "How do I GET ONE?" Well, there are several ways:
- Come to one of my KLUSO Akoustic Live shows and I will sell you one (normally discounted at live shows). Also, most of my live venues will probably have my CD for sale.
- Contact me via this website with your name and address and I will get you one via mail ($15.00, or 1500 Yen each).
- or, if you are in the U.S. go to my label at www.openrangerecords.com -- you can also reach this link by hitting the BUY button on the Album Page.

Thank you all for being patient ... the "slow boat" finally pulled into port.
peace. kluso
Happy New Year to friends of KLUSO and BotE - hope it was a safe and fun "ringing" of the New Year (and you've recovered from your hangover). Well, I thought it appropriate to bring in the New Year with a New Song -- This is it....
THE BIG LIE (no, I'm not lying, that is the name of the song).
It's the first song in the playlist on the SONGS page -- please check it out when you can and let me know what you think.
New gigs are also posted -- hope you all have a GREAT 2007 and hope to see you soon.
peace. kluso
Hello all -- sorry, I have been tied up this December and no shows or updates --
but I would like to give a report on my first live show at The BAY SIDE Club --
IT WAS GREAT!! no Really!!
The place was packed and we had a great time -- as I thought, this turned out to be a great venue for acoustic music... GOOD NEWS...I will be back again on Saturday, Jan 20th -- I also have several more shows coming up in January and February....please check the Event Page.
Paddy Mac's ROCKS!!
I had a great time returning again to the picture window stage of Martin's Famous Paddy Mac's Irish Pub -- thanks again Martin for having me back -- hopefully there will be more shows in the near future -
Also, I am playing at a new venue (for me) - this Saturday, December 2nd (9pm - 12am) at The BAY SIDE CLUB & Screen Cafe -- this is a great little bar/grill that includes a huge outdoor movie screen for viewing -- Please come out and check this unique club == see the events page for details/direction

ALSO -- I want to say Jya Mata Ne (see you later, not goodbye) to my friend STEVIE, musician and owner of DAIJYOBOOZE -- Stevie is off on another life journey but we hope he will be back to Okinawa soon -- I've HEARD his send off bash is at Daijyobooze this Friday, Dec 1st -- please come by -that's all for now
peace. kluso
October Update
Hello everybody -- October has been a great month getting back in touch with old friends in the music scene here, and getting back "on the horse" with some live play -
THANK YOU's to Stevie for my first full show at his club, DAIJYOBOOZE -- I had a good time -- its a great acoustic venue -
Also thank you to AL and the SHIMA GAIS for trusting me with the entertainment care of your customers the last 2 weeks. It was a lot of fun and a challenge to cover the SHIMA GAIS bill for a few shows (cuz they really ROCK)-
OK -- I have a big show at SIDEWAYS BAR this Saturday, 28 October -- please check the Events Page for details and directions --
ALSO - I will be BACK at my ol' haunts - PADDY MAC's Irish Pub on Friday, 24 November (thanks Martin!!)
The rest of November and December is still building to keep in touch with the News and Events --
Thank you to all my friends and listeners for your encouragement and compliments
peace. kluso
October Shows
Well.. I guess some brave souls decided to give ol' KLUSO a chance to get back in the game here in Okinawa... I have my first headline venue on October 28 at SIDEWAYS BAR on Chuo Park Avenue (old B.C. Street). Also, I will be helping out the SHIMA-GAIs (while frontman Don is on holiday) on October 13 & 14 at AL's PLACE on Gate 2 Street. Both shows should be fun, please check the Event page for more information.
OK, OK, OK< the damn CDs have still not arrived -- I won't make any predictions except that I WILL let you know when the make here and how to get one - Be patient
peace. kluso.
Back Up and Running
Hello Friends of BotE -- KLUSO is back up and running again in Okinawa. Sorry for the delay, but all my STUFF just arrived and I have been busy getting settled in. No gigs yet, but soon.
I would like to let you know the KLUSO debut CD - DELICATE EYE - has arrived (limited distribution). I am still waiting on the big shippment but if you just can't wait and want a CD now, please contact me with your address and I will mail it to you - cost is $15.00 (US) or 1800 Yen (shipping included).
That's all for now -- more later
peace. kluso
...and you thought it was all over. A last but not too late REUNION of The ChickMagnets will take place at the Chicken Shack this coming Sunday, July 30 - show starts at 8pm, the Magnets should take the stage around 10:00 -
We will be playing some of the standards of Magnet original and cover music -- you don't want to miss this one --

Finally, KLUSO will be signing OFF for a bit as I pack up the Family and BotE Productions and head down to Okinawa -- I will miss everybody here VERY MUCH but look forward to renewing old acquaitances in Okinawa (and rockin' again too) - thanks again - hope to see you Sunday. CD release coming soon.
Peace. kluso.
Gig Report - Kluso Akoustic Fini at the Shack
Beyond my wildest imagination!!... the final gig at The Chicken Shack is something I will remember for the rest of my life -- what a GREAT night!! Thank you Makiko Nishizato and Hirokophone for your performances and being part of Acoustic Live -- you are both simply beautiful. Thank you to all the musicians and artists who showed up and those who sat in on the fini set and after session. Mari, Nozomu, Yoshiki, Toru, Miyata, Nobu, Miho, Hioroko, Makiko and Kumichan. Thank you to ALL the BotE Artists/Bands and those in attendance - Aerozamath, Back City Rockers, BB Boogie, Hot-L, Mega Babes, South Delta, and ZEN (hope I didn't miss anybody). Special thanks to Ben's Pop Club for your "special" encore performance.... Klusshooop!!! Thank you to all my friends who showed up, you have been a constant source of support. Thanks last but not least to The Chicken Shack for helping me to grow as a performing artist over the last 3 years and allowing me the opportunity to help other artists in the process. You validated my belief that helping others will always return to us in positive ways.
OK -- this is NOT the last from KLUSO -- please keep in touch -- I will update you before I leave and soon after I get back up and running in Okinawa -- PLUS, there might be a "surprise" at the end of July before I go -- stayed tuned, I feel the growing pull of a "magnet"........
BATTLE of the BANDS,,,and the WINNER IS!
ETERNAL TOUGH PROJECT!!! walked away with the honors of the BotE Productions sponsored, First Annual Chicken Shack Battle of the Bands...but it was not without some very stiff competition.
ETP had the dubious honor of taking first stage (an almost sure barrier to winning in any Battle contest)...but they went ALL OUT and set the stage for the night. ETP's performance was tight, inspired and inspiring. And the rest of the bands all cranked it up an extra notch or two to try to keep up. Kokubunji Kaizokudan, Clack Nash, Mad Pa, and Save Our Soul followed in order and they all played probably the best sets I've ever seen from each (and that is saying alot because they always ROCK!) -
2nd place went to Save Our Soul and their drummer, Hiroshi, who took the "Best Performer" award - but, in the end, Eternal Tough Project just had it all, were a unanimous winner by all 3 judges (including yours truly).
Thanks again to all the bands, and to The Chicken Shack -- hopefully there will be a 2nd Annual B o' B next year. Peace. kluso.
The "Final" Tokyo live show for KLUSO will be Saturday, July 15 at The Chicken Shack in Fussa - will start around 8pm and go until midnight or whenever the jam session finishes.
KLUSO will be joined by friends and fellow artists, including Hirokophone, Makiko Nishizato, some ol' Magnets (Yoshiki and Toru) and many others - expect a great show and probably a looongg "session" at the end - Hope you all can make it (NO COVER)
Peace. kluso
Last Show at the Celt report
THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! to the Andy (owner), the Warrior Celt staff (Masa, Fergel [sp?]et.al.) and their great customers (specially Mike, Dave, Yoko...many more) for having us for one final performance in this fantastic Irish pub. Mean Gene and I had a great time!! Also MANY THANKS to my friends and fellow musicians, YAZZ (Clack Nash), Mari (Kamichika), Osama, Sugi, and everybody else who picked up a tamborine or shaker and boogied with us -- It was a 6-hour extravaganza/marathon and Gene and I (with Smitty in tow) did not pull out of The Celt until about 03:30 - the sunrise was like the "flashlight in our eyes" as the song HAPPY WITHOUT YOU goes -- It was a great way to end a 2.5 year gig with the Celt -- I cannot adequately express my deepest appreciation. Thank you so much.
Peace. kluso
BotE Update June 06
Hello Friends of BotE -- Just wanted to update you on the latest events. We had a couple of great shows at Yokota Enlisted Club. June 10th SAVE OUR SOUL and METHOD both put on a great act in the Spectrum Lounge. Thanks guys.
- This show was METHOD's first and last at the EClub since front man Eddie is on his way to Korea -- but better late than never, it was a great performance. Thanks and good luck to Eddie and METHOD.
Also, Mari KAMICHIKA returned with her band and was joined by AEROZAMATH to support the EClub's Block Party bash on the 17th of June -- Its was a fantastic day and performance by both bands. Thanks also to Gunny McGough and AFN for hosting both KAMICHIKA and AEROZAMATH on their live radio promo.
- OK -- here is the latest on BotE Productions. Unfortunately, there has been a change in management at both the Yokota OClub and EClub and the new managers are re-evaluating their desires for live entertainment. Therefore, they have cancelled any future rock oriented events. Hopefully, both clubs will have a chance to assess their customers desires and return to supporting live music of all types in the Yokota clubs. In the meantime, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to both the OClub and EClub for their previous support to BotE Productions and all our artists, and specially to all of the BotE bands/artists that invested their time and talents to promoting their art and music. All good endeavors have positive benefits...their is no wasted effort. Thanks again.
OK!!! WE ARE NOT DONE YET!!!! One last BotE event on 30 June at the EClub with HOT-L and BB BOOGIE -- then KLUSO's final shows at Warrior Celt on July 7th, and the BIG FINALE at the Chicken Shack on July 15th -- please check the schedule and please come and lets have some fun and great music together --
PEACE - kluso
Good/Notso Good News
Hello BotE Friends -- well the GOOD NEWS is that we have had a couple of GREAT shows with some more coming up -- ACOUSTIC LIVE played at the Yokota OClub on May 12th and then again with KAMICHIKA BAND at the EClub on May 25th -- both show were fantastic (if I do say so myself) -- thank you Hirokophone and Makiko Nishizato for joining again in ACOUSTIC LIVE -- As for Mari Kamichika and her band, all I can say is WOW!!!! They blew us away with their hot performance - it was simply amazing -
If you missed KAMICHIKA you can see them again Saturday, June 17th at from 1200-1500 at the Yokota EClub Block Party outdoor bash -- should be fun --
ALSO you can see some new pics of Acoustic Live and Kamichika on the Photo Link -- Thank you to Bill Anders for these awesome shots --
I have added Bill's website to the links page -- please check it out to see his outstanding photo-artwork (its amazing...and its for sale too)

OK -- the Not-so-Good News -- KLUSO and BotE Productions will be tearing down the tent and moving back "home" to Okinawa around the end of July -- more to follow before I say my final good-byes to my BotE Friends and partners here in Tokyo, but before that happens we have some more fantastic shows coming -- please keep checking the schedule -- that's all for now -- PEACE!!
wheeewww!! What a night - BIG SHOW at Yokota Enlisted Club for Cinqo de Mayo - TAMARINDO and KOUNAN BAND powered the house with great Salsa and Latin Pop/Rock - over 250+ packed the Eclub ballroom and dance floor for a great night of music and dancing - THANK YOU Tamarindo and Kounan Band for another great show -- Expect to see them back again in October -
btw -- late addition -- KLUSO will be at the Chicken Shack tonight, Sunday, 7 May with Takeshi for some acoustic sounds -- come on out
Well if you weren't at the Yokota EClub last Friday night you missed a great show with MAD PA and MEGA BABES (sic..MAD BABES). Both bands put on a fantastic show -- we hope to have them back on July 14 for Yokota's first Battle of the Bands -- Stay on the lookout for this event.
We have a great May lineup with Yokota EClub Cinqo de Mayo Latin night with TAMARINDO and KOUNAN BAND (that's May 5 for those of you who cannot habla Espanol), May 12/OClub Acoustic Live (Hirokophone, Makiko Nishizato and Kluso), and May 25 EClub with Acoustic Live and Kamichika Band -- ALL of them should be great shows. Please come out to see and enjoy a night of live music. Peace.
Walk to the "Cock" (Roppongi)
I had fun playing at Cock o'the Walk (Roppongi) last night -- Thanks Andy for having me again, and thanks for coming out Smitty. btw...This place is the best kept secret in Roppongi/Tokyo, but don't keep it that way. Please make an effort to find this place and make it a regular hang out. Word is slowly getting and they are starting to build up their clientel. Now is a good time to make yourself a regular. Check out their website on the links page. They have a map posted which makes it easy to find this British Pub in the heart of Tokyo.
KLUSO - New Release
Another "new" song just released. I've been playing this song for a while but it just took a little time to get the final product finished and onto the web -- "Another Cup (o'Joe)" is one of those songs that just kind of writes itself once the main idea gets into my head - I was playing around with some different chord formations and I really liked the tone of the A-add9 chord that the song is built on -- from there it just all kinda flowed together- the song page provides the background -- Much thanks to Gene (Mean Gene) Stump for the tasty bass track -- Hope you like the song.
Acoustic Live
Acoustic Live had another great show at the Yokota Officers Club. Thank you Hirokophone and Makiko Nishizato for joining me. I would also like to thank Aaron Feinberg (O'Club manager) and Dave Manino (EClub Manager) for the support and confidence in BotE productions to continue to bring local talent to the Yokota Air Base community. Both Aaron (changing job location) and Dave (retiring)are leaving Yokota and we will miss them... many thanks again and best wishes for your future.
BotE fans don't fret -- we do have more shows coming up - Please chekc the envents schedule - Acoustic Live will be back on May 12 (OClub) and May 25 (EClub, with Kamichika Band) so please come out and see great music/artists.
April 8 EClub Rocked
Well...another great BotE Show at the Yokota EClub this last week. HOT-L WAS "HOT" (as predicted) and the ladies of SOUTH DELTA "smoked"!! Unfortunately lots of people missed the show, but those who were there had a great time. DON'T MISS the next opportunity because it will be anothe ROCKER, with the MEGA BABES and MAD PA (on April 28th) - Check the events schedule!
New BotE Baby!!!
I would like to welcome Mari and Kamichika band to the lineup of BotE artists. Check out their website on the Links page. Kamichika band will be performing their first BotE Production show at Yokota Enlisted club on 25 May, 2006 with Acoustic Live performers Hirokophone, Makiko Nishizato, and yours truly KLUSO. Please come see the show.
Just released my latest song "PARADISE ROAD" -- Its definitely Americana style and all acoustic guitars -- I had a good time recording this and trying some new techniques on the 4 different acoustic parts (all the same Taylor 414, just different mic placements, etc...)
Please go to the Song Page and check it out
BotE Productions News
Thank you to all the bands, artists, and fans who have been helping BotE provide live music venues to artists and customers on Yokota Air Base
March 24th -- we had a great show at Yokota Enlisted Club -- BACK CITY ROCKERS opened the show and YES THEY DID ROCK!!!!! That was one of the best shows I have seen them perform in all their Grand Funk regalia - it was awesome and we all had good time --
The headliners were SAVE OUR SOUL, Nozomu's classic rockers who bring an early alternative flavor to the original music and their unique covers- this was their first show at Yokota E-Club and they did not disappoint -- it was an inspired and awesome performance. BotE will be sure to have both these bands back again in the near future -- please check the EVENTS page --
Mar 25 - I had the opportunity to do a solo acoustic show at a new pub in the heart of Roppongi -- it is called COCK o'the WALK -- it is a cozy and cool British pub owned by Andy of Warrior Celt/Ueno (one of my other regular venues) - anyway, I had a good time with some of the Warrior regulars in tow (thanks Mike, Yuka, et al) and some hard core partiers from Yokota/Fussa (Jeffe, Smitty, Renee/Darin) -- thanks for coming out -- IF you are in Roppongi you HAVE to vist the Cock (so to speak) - you will enjoy the drink, the food, the company and some great live music -- Please check my Events calendar for my next show there (April 21)
OK -- Saturday, April 8th, BotE will be hosting another great rock show at Yokota E-Club -- SOUTH DELTA and HOT-L - be sure to come by and get ready to RrrOOOOCCCCKKKKK!!! Both bands kick serious BUTT, and SOUTH DELTA is ALL-GIRL rock - ya gotta like that -

NEXT SHOW - Its not displaying on the Event page for some reason?!?! But I will be in Ueno at the Warrior Celt on Friday, April 7th - Yassu from CLACK NASH and Mean Gene Stump will be joining me -- should be a GREAT TIME (it was last time...) - please go to the LINKS page for info on the Warrior Celt